1918 Wards Hawthorne De Luxe

Humboldt Barnwood 

How It Started

In 2010 I began looking for a way to incorporate my love of Humboldt County with my other interests. I was born and raised here, and have always had a strong interest in birding, gardening, building, exploring the local countryside, and digging and collecting antique bottles. 

This led to my first Barnwood bird feeder which I made entirely from local recycled materials. The tin roof comes from an old warehouse on Eureka's waterfront and the old growth redwood comes from local barns and Victorian houses dating back to before the turn of the century. The barbed wire came from an old fence that at one time surrounded our property in Arcata. Even the vintage square nails I use for perches on my feeders and birdhouses are local, salvaged from 19th century barnwood.  

My farm benches, potting tables and cottage cabinets came next. They also utilize local recycled old growth redwood and other vintage materials.

.Handcrafted furniture , antique furniture , unique collectables and gifts for the home and garden .